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Break between contributor segments

Hi, When I listen to the Friday/weekend clip/contributor shows, I find myself wanting some kind of more distinct separation between segments (to really clue me in that the topic is shifting in case my focus wanders). Just this week in your regular shows I noticed the six-or-so note musical bit that played when you were going to or coming back from the focus group coverage. Any thoughts on using that between contributor segments to break things up? Thanks, love the show! Shane Wilhelmsen

The Myth of Left and Right

I recently read the book The Myth of Left and Right by Hyrum and Verlan Lewis. It’s rare that a single book completely rewires my conceptions of reality, but this one made a really compelling argument. Since reading the book, I have more fully noticed the ubiquitous use of terms and phrases like “radical,” “center left,” “extreme right” and others when referring to policy positions or rhetoric, and I find those descriptors to be increasingly less useful, in part because they usually tell you more about the presenter than they do about the actual policy position or rhetoric. Anyway, this is a long way of asking, Have either of you taken a closer look at the politicization of language in this regard, and if so, do you feel your use of terms like “right wing,” “left wing” and the rest accurately portray the political and social landscape as it exists in 2023?

WGA Strike Related Union Failure

I am a proud union member of IATSE Local 476, in Chicago. I work as an electrician on TV shows. I wanted to bring to your attention as I think it is relevant to the hollywood shutdown as a whole, that my local’s healthcare plan is failing and that all members on the healthcare plan will have their banked hours frozen, and have to pay out of pocket for their insurance for the remainder of 2023 and the first quarter of 2024, and presumably indefinitely until the strike is over or some unforeseen aid comes to the rescue. There is speculation as to why a local as big as ours is having issues with its health and welfare fund in the first place, but it goes to show how dire things are for all of us other people working in the film industry. The studios really are willing to starve us out and continue to profit off of their previous endeavors/content, Live sports, reality tv, and advertising. Things are looking very bleak. Important disclaimer, I am 24 and not on the healthcare plan yet, but many people I know, are.

Monologue Debate

I’ve been a fan since the Rising days and one thing I appreciate is the healthy debate of topics. I feel like recently it seems like you agree on almost all issues that you cover, there especially doesn’t seem to be much back and forth after your monologues. Do you think this is do to the topics you choose to focus on, your positions have evolved, or simply trying to squeeze as much as you can into the show? I liked the Kyle, Krystal and Bri debate over Joe Biden. Would you do longer segments with yourselves?

Saagar, your dog!

Hey! We know Krystal's dog is Phoebe (sweet thing!). Saagar, what breed of dog do you have and what's it's name? I adore dogs and have a pittie mix.