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Project 2025 vs The Day One Agenda!

Saagar/KB I want to thank you for investing in the NH focus group! Whether I agree with them or not, it is interesting to hear what my fellow Americans are thinking/feeling. I hope you all can bring us more focus groups in the future. A few suggestions for content for the future. Panel Debate: Project 2025 vs The Day One Agenda. I would like to see a conversation between the conservatives from the Heritage Foundation and David Dayen from the American Prospect to discuss their policy suggestions for America. OR, to make things more interesting, I would like to see a debate with the American Compass folk’s vs the Heritage Foundation. SC Focus Group: I would like to hear from my fellow South Carolinians on which candidates they are considering in the Republican primary and why. The Federal Administrative State: (Inserts Jerry Seinfeld voice) What's the deal with the administrative state? Could you all have Emily on to discuss why some conservatives hate the administrative state? I sincerely would like to understand why they dislike it so much. The content you all produce continues to provoke and challenge me to think comprehensively about our country. Thank you for creating this community. Jerome Ferguson.

Questions for Emily regarding the concept of death, organ donation and end of life laws

As a person on the left who is on the left who believes in bodily autonomy, I believe that extends to all aspects of our existence. But, as a person who has expressed language that is pro-birth, I'd like to know your thoughts on the idea on a few concepts that are largely illegal throughout the states. What are your thoughts on assisted suicide (all ages), changing the organ donation system in America to opt-out and changing end of life laws to where you would be able to leave your body for an animal to eat. Currently, most states prohibit a person in a terminal illness to consider euthanizing themselves and there are no states that support the notion that you can do what you wish with a body after someone dies. You generally have to be cremated or put into a tomb (likely in concrete).

Hosting policy debates for consensus

Given the format of your show and the network of political intellectuals you are plugged into, would you consider hosting debates on specific policy issues - for the purpose at arriving at some form of consensus "both sides" could live with? I think it could be very interesting for your audience to watch policy debates in real time that are held with the intention of reaching common ground, in order to demonstrate how real policy should be formed - through debate and compromise to arrive at a productive outcome - rather than the current winner takes all model.

Study on the Role of Cognitive Dissonance in Politics

I've followed American politics since I was a kid and I didn't really understand why the 2 parties hated each other so much even though they don't even really disagree on that many important issues until I learned about cognitive dissonance and cognitive bias. People like to have their thoughts reinforced and are much more likely to believe evidence that reinforces their beliefs than evidence that refutes them. Likewise, it's satisfying to see evidence that refutes the opposite of our beliefs. Ever since I have seen politics through the eye of cognitive dissonance it seems obvious that this is the biggest problem in politics and culture. We are so set in our ways that we can't see eye to eye because we are biologically programmed this way. Have y'all noticed this as well? How can we get others to see and understand their cognitive dissonance so that we can actually get together and make positive change? I would absolutely love to see a study or focus group that focuses on cognitive dissonance in politics and how to stop it from driving the culture war we're currently facing.

Will you consider guests to offer the auto-manufacturer side of this dispute?

I am fascinated with the factors playing in to the UAW strike. I feel like Krystal's passionate views on labor prevent you from presenting this story with a lot of credibility. Would absolutely love to see you bring on a guest to present the stance of Ford, GM & Stellantis for debate. I worry that the UAW is going to expedite the offshoring (mainly to Mexico) of auto plants due to the demands they have. Mexico already accounts for more then 50% of our auto manufacturing plants. That will only continue to grow with if the UAW gets their way on these strike demands.