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Writer Strike - overseas content?

Have noticed Netflix pushing a lot of foreign content, especially UK content. Do you think there will be a continued push of foreign made content? Do you think Hollywood may increase operations and investments to overseas production of content if the strike continues?

UAW Strike

Why isn't company stock a component of a compensation package with the auto makers or any other corporation for that matter? It would give workers a greater vested interest., a non cash outlay fort the company and other benefits for both sides. It works for the CEOs et al

Corruption within unions.

Do you have concerns about corruption within unions as they gain more power? I'm a layman but word around the campfire is that there is rampant corruption in some of the oldest unions in the U.S.

Supplement industry Can you do a segment on supplement industry regulations?

Money problems

I can't help but see debasement of our currency as the most common denominator for half of our problems. Yet whenever there is something financial related, it always gets kicked down to some derivative of that ie; $15min wage, housing going up, debt going up, etc. Why is that? Why does no one look at this bigger more fundamental issue? From a historical societal prospective are we in the last innings?