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How much of the show is scripted?

How much is a show is scripted? and how much is commentary?

New studio video screens

Love the new studio. Are the video screens we see behind you a live broadcast? What are we seeing? What are some of the ways the video screens can be used for tbe show? Also, can you introduce us to all those who work to make the greatest show possible? Sincerely

UAW Question

Hi Krystal, I’m a fan of you and Kyle. And Saagar I may disagree with my brown brother, but I admire your thoughtful sane opinions and analysis. My question regarding the UAW strike: Ford says they will lose 14.4 billion dollars and go into bankruptcy. Chamath said something to the same effect. Has there been a non biased economist or financial reporter to refute this?

Breaking point

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what do you think about the immediate demonetization of Russell Brand's shows on YouTube after accusations were leveled against him? Any other thoughts on his increasingly antagonistic attacks on MSM, Deep State, Big Tech, Big Pharma, MIC, etc?