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Anchor Steam Beer purchased by the Union.

Anchor Steam beer A local San Francisco brewery was bought by Sapporo and then put into bankruptcy. The union is raising funds to buy themselves and have an employee run brewery with the full backing of San Francisco and its citizens. I think this would be a good news story breaking points.

Actual cost of UAW's demands

Do you know what would the UAW's demands cost the carmakers if they were met? This would put things in perspective if we could compare that cost to the carmaker's profit, cost of stock buyback and CEO pay. Unfortunately I was not able to find any decent estimate.

Krystal and Pop Culture

I need to call out Krystal a little bit on something. Occasionally pop culture items come up on the show and Krystal will be like, "oh, I have no idea what that is..." Sometimes I'm like, "how could she possibly have never heard of that??" I apologize, I'm whiffing here by not having a concrete example handy, but there was a reference once to something on the level of ubiquitous awareness like "Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married," and Krystal was like, "oh, I never heard that before..." and I just don't believe some of these things failed to penetrate your consciousness cloud like the rest of us poor bastards. What gives? Is this ignorance a schtick, or is it real?

Interview Naomi Klein on her new book "Doppelganger"?

Krystal and Saagar, You often state your goal of trying to bring both sides (and even independent views) of the political spectrum into your programming. An admirable goal that I believe is well intentioned. After watching this interview on Democracy Now!, I think your audience could benefit from an interview with Naomi Klein about her new book Doppelganger on Breaking Points. Hope you can make it happen. James

Congressional Dress Code

Saagar, may I offer you an alternate viewpoint on the whole "People in Congress should wear suits" thing? You stated that you believe wearing proper dress will remind them of their duty to serve the people. A couple of years ago I was promoted to a position that requires me to attend quarterly board meetings, which meant it was time to invest in a nice fitted suit. When I wore that suit to work the first time I did not experience a feeling of duty toward my employees. Instead, as I walked through the halls receiving looks of respect and nervousness from my employees I found myself feeling like I had become something greater than them. I felt like I was above them and that I deserved to be. The suit didn't make me feel like I owed something to my employees, it made me feel like they owed me respect and obeisance. I can't help but wonder if that's how many in congress feel. Do they sit there in their suits and regard normal people as mindless ants, to be thrown morsels or squashed depending on the political winds? I believe that formal dress inflates egos and makes people feel that they stand above the rest. With that perspective in mind, what do you both think of my suggestion for a congressional dress code: they shouldn't be allowed to wear anything but what the poorest Americans can afford. I'm talking Walmart clothes. Dickies pants, off-brand shirts and $30 shoes. Cheap dresses and sandals. They should feel like the American people are above them, because we are supposed to be their bosses. If they want nicer clothes, maybe they should work to make it so more Americans can afford to have them. What do you think?