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Dress code vs Text code

Hi BP, I just wrapped up Saagers monologue about senatorial dress code and it sparked a question I've had when this has been brought up before. I tend to agree that it matters to have minimum standard of dress when our representatives are at work, but I've wondered why that same principal would not apply to what representatives text, tweet or I guess "X". Am I wrong in saying Saagers reaction to politicians "shitposting" is very different that to a politician wearing shorts. Personally I feel like there is still something off and unprofessional about senator or congressman wearing a suit but posting a poop emoji on twitter. I know there is a free speech argument paired with a newish form of communication - but why minimum standards for one and not the other? Love the show, and absolutely believe in what you guys do. Steven D

counter points/Russell Brand

I thought till this viewing that Breaking Points was about finding the truth! After hearing the host on Counter points finding Russell guilty of Rape without any real investigation into whay these charges weren't worth bringing up until Branch goes on Bill Maher show Real Time and calls out Black Stone, State Street and Vanguard, big Pharma The Government pushing Drugs.These women might have felt they were wronged but not enough to pursue charges. The timing is just very convenient for the people at the top pushing the buttons to take his platform away!! I'm just say they could have mentioned the witch hunt instead helping it.................................. very disappointed !

(Not a question) Krystal please stop banging on the table when you speak

I love the show. I listen to it daily ! And I must say that is it very annoying when you hit the table while speaking or even when you finish making a point. 🙏

Take on RFK Jr. Assassination Attempt

What are your thoughts on the recent assassination attempt on RFK Jr? The Biden administration denied RFK Jr.'s request for secret service protection. Do you think this decision was a petty shot taken by the Biden Admin, or was it a standard/reasonable denial despite RFK Jr's family history with assassinations. Also, are there any other candidates Democrat or Republican that have requested secret service detail and have been approved or denied? Thanks! -Alex

Climate week

I have been looking for your coverage of Climate Week. Much of it has been inspiring, especially the speeches. I notice that others have asked about climate also over the last few years. Can you update us on your thoughts about the Climate emergency and your coverage of it? Thanks from a long-term BP subscriber in Los Angeles.