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Prorated Refund

Before today's podcast I was content to let my subscription run-out. As of today however, I would like a pro-rated refund for the remaining 5 months and a cancelation effective immediately, 9/21/23. I am requesting a refund amount for $37.50 and would gladly accept no more breaking points premium podcast links.

Government Financial Aid?

Love the show! Full discloser, 100% team Saagar! However, this question is directed toward Crystal. I keep hearing Crystal mention the stimulus checks during COVID as a great example of how the government has helped the struggling American. I however, struggle to see how the government giving away cash is sustainable in any way and thus leading to a false sense of hope for those same Americans. My understanding of Crystal's position on this matter would be for more government "give aways"? Please explain how the government could possibly sustain this financial aid indefinitely. Thanks and love you guys!

For Emily about 2017 Trump/Ryan Tax Bill

Hey Emily. I learn so much from listening to your viewpoint and thoughts. I could use some help clarifying your comments from 20-Sept-23 show about the 2017 tax bill. I have often said to others that I did not benefit from that tax cut and I fail to understand how I may have. Your comments around 1:11 were along the lines that this bill 'had great effect for many tax payers` and `had materially positive benefits for the average person`. Could you please explain what I might be missing? Thank you.

slow FDA policy changes affecting public health

Wondering if you have seen this new article in both Atlantic and WSJ about how it’s been known that phenylephrine has been incredibly ineffective as an OTC drug but has been pushed by policy in the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act. Article states it’s a $2B market for Americans buying these drugs that have been known to not work since 2007?

Interweb Guests

While I have enjoyed the higher profile guest BP has been securing since the launch of the new studio, #NeverForgetSaagarsDesk, I have been missing the Youtuber/streamer based guests of the Rising era. I was glad to see ShoeOnHead finally return, but we need more guests like her from the Youtube and streaming world. The likes of Destiny, ThunderF00T, Tim Pool, PSASitch & Adam Friended, Actual Justice Warrior, and even Hasan Piker. It would be great to see BP balance out the high profile mainstream guests with the ones of the medium the show is on ie. the interweb. Keep up the great work and do not be afraid to have some silly fun beyond UFOs.