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Thanksgiving convos

In the past, I've always either avoided political convos with my family altogether, or tried to redirect them to our few areas of agreement, because my dissent is typically met with anger, and I have no illusions that I can change their minds about anything. However, my dad recently pressed me on the subject of Israel, and I decided to hold my ground (he is the typical unquestioningly pro-Israel boomer, and I am very much not), and it actually remained very civil, with an assist from BP on certain talking points. So if that specific topic comes up, I'm going to lean into it and see what happens. But anything else, I will probably continue to avoid. Those hills just aren't worth dying on.

Advice for Thanksgiving

I go back home to celebrate Thanksgiving a week early, so already had it! (The tickets are cheaper and everyone in my family can then celebrate Thanksgiving day with their spouse's side of the family) I tend to be more liberal but my family is conservative catholics, we are very nice about talking about politics. In my family we all respect people's opinions and generally agree to disagree about most things. I think self depreciating humor is the best tool to break any of that tension. I always can make a joke about liberals or my hippy self and most people laugh and move on to a different topic if it gets to serious.

Advice For Thanksgiving

If you have an elderly person at your thanksgiving such a grandparent, great aunt, etc. Ask about their favorite thanksgiving memory as soon as somebody mentions anything political. They’ll ramble on for 25 mins and completely halt the political conversations for the day.

Turkey Talk

When in doubt, instigate. Holidays are a GREAT time to discover the secret extremists in the family! Love starting the holidays off right with a few hot buttons and watch how the turkey legs fly! Love the show. Have an awesome Thanksgiving. Ponce & Heather


Can you see a two state solution to the Israel-Palistine situation. ( I am using this site as I was unable to access the right one.)