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Jeffrey Sachs

Hi guys, Could you please get Professor Jeffrey Sachs on the show to discuss both Ukraine and the Israeli genocide. And even China. Long form, he is well informed about world history and the Neocon long term plans. Best and thanks, Gregory Carver

Can Trump run forever if he keeps losing?

If Trump loses this year, can he run again in 2028? (and in 2032, etc)

Assange Update Please

Can you give us an update on what is happening with Julian Assange? I have not seen anything in the media about him, it's as if everyone has given up and forgotten about him.

I just signed up for a yearly membership but all I get is audio episodes?

I just signed up for a yearly membership hoping to hear the extended takes of the Tucker-Putin interview. I'm a bit disappointed that I only have access to audio through Spotify but no video like I've been accustomed to through your free youtube channel. Am I looking in the wrong place?

A show to share?

You guys are great. I would love to share your show with my cable news watching family. Would you be willing to release a full show once or twice a year so I can show you guys off?