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you covered nothing on the Putin segment! WHy?

You and ignored all the important elements! Is this CNN now? You guys got pressured. Cowards! I'm so pissed. what a joke. Unsubscribing!

What changed this year?

I exclusively consume independent journalism. Your inside knowledge of the DC infrastructure is invaluable. Of course, no one will ever agree with 100% of the content, but the topic of Gaza seems to be so all consuming for Krystal that the show has turned into a foreign policy show. Yes, I understand our tax dollars, etc etc, but I would really love if you re-focused back on US issues, where you are subject matter experts. Additionally, I have become concerned with the recent rhetoric by Krystal. No need to say to Saagar "You're crazy" when he brings up a valid point you disagree with. Ryan and Emily seem to be the "old" Krystal and Saagar, and I have mostly waited to consume their content on Wednesday. At the end of the day, you need to do whats right for the show, but I am growing more and more concerned as a premium subscriber.

Tech, President's meta data??

Insane to me that American presidents, or at least the most recent two, are avid consumers of MSM despite the privilege of having access to daily briefings comprised of the most classified information available on the planet.. But speaking of the most treasured information available on the planet, WHO has access to that man's search history??? How does that work?? What do HIS targeted ads look like? Who can/ can anybody buy that data???

RFK Jr Focus Group

Has this been released to premium members? I have seen clips but thought premium members would receive the full session (in advance).

No video on any TV, but works on phone

Recently bought a year of premium breaking points can't get video to work on Spotify all of a sudden work for a couple days. I'm a really frustrated boomer (wish I could talk to a live person)