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Pharmacy benefit managers

Have you considered doing a story on the impact of pharmacy benefit managers? My apologies if you covered and I missed it! Some independent community pharmacy have closed their doors due at least in part to PBM practices. Here is the latest example from my state:

Millennials that missed the boat.

Breaking/Counter Points team! - Thanks for your contribution to the actual news and act of actually informing instead of influencing. There has been recent topics discussed about the luxuries that Gen Z is indulging in and how good the Millennials had it because of the timing of things for us. It got me thinking about a high school friend of mine who still resides in our hometown but is highly educated and teaches Junior High English (7th grade - Western PA). He is 42 like myself, an older Millennial who has boomer tendencies and early onset Republicanism as the comedian Shane Gillis ( - to the point - he just got married last year for the first time and is awaiting his first child in august of this year. He owns a codo with a sub $500/month mortgage and wants to upgrade housing in an area that has a larger house for growth and family close by to help and offset childcare - he is unable to justify buying an older home at 7+% interest with 750+ credit score - so there has to be a segment of Millennials that decided to wait to start a family that did not benefit from what others our generation was still able to grab onto before it all collapsed - so I guess my question is, is my friend an exception or is there a larger population in a similar boat paddling up the same creek (pronounced "krick" if from western pa) with one less paddle than their peers but one more than the current generation? Keep doing what your doing BP/CP team! Thanks Frankie Krouse

Socialize a tiktok buyout

Can you bring on a financial guest who can seriously discuss the possibility of organizing a grassroots buyout of tiktok?


Your platform has promoted a lot of enlightened centrists who have proved to be lunatics. Aka you both have gone on Russell Brands show. Considering he is having a mental breakdown, will you ever consider admitting it was wrong to consider him smart? Will you admit that on your show?

Right Wing

Saagar, considering you rarely if ever criticize your former boss Tucker Carlson, how much does that undermine your credibility?