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Minimizing impact on yourselves

Hi guys - really love what you do and listen every day. I listened to the Destiny vs. Omar debate and it put me into a pretty terrible mood for the next 24 hours (Destiny's tactics really pissed me off, he is such an ass). How do you minimize the impact of stories on your mood? Especially since October, covering dead and dying babies every day, I could imagine your strategies for this have been tested. Thanks!

NYPD shot fired at Columbia mentioned in Krystal's Kent State monologue

Krystal, You used the example of NYPD firing a shot while clearing Columbia's library of protesters to draw comparisons to the Kent State tragedy. The NYPD shot was the result of an accidental discharge in which the officer was using his left hand to operate his gun-mounted flashlight while his right hand was reaching through a window to unlock the door of an empty room. To be clear, this is a major screw up and a violation of a basic safety rule (finger goes on the slide, not inside the trigger guard), but it's a far cry from the officer shooting at someone or firing a warning shot. Were you aware of this important context, which was reported prior to your monologue, before including it in your monologue? If so, why leave it out and allow the audience to wonder if it was something far more nefarious?

Drake Beef

Drake Beef? I threw up in my mouth a little while listening to this episode. It’s Breaking Points going for the TMZ and Keeping up with the Kardashians viewers? I understand the desire to have some lighter segments, but I do feel a little dumber after listening to this!


Okay, we all know what happens when you say that Jews control the country with their money. You're derided as an antisemite. But Bill Ackman seems to control Harvard and Dana Bash and Jake Tapper are protecting Israel's genocide--and New York Law firms require an oath of loyalty to Israel before they will hire. And don't get me started about AIPAC. So, what's a person to say?

UN Revision Down of Women and Children Death Toll

Hi all, Wondering if you are going to address the fact that the death toll for women in children was cut in half by the UN over the past few days? Krystal mention that 10s of thousands of children have been killed, which even by earlier reports seems to be incorrect. Seems worth reporting on if you guys are going to be honest brokers on this topic. Thanks for all you do! (Sources)