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The USA’s history of corruption

Hello, A question for Sagar (the historian) I recently rewatched a movie from 1948 called ‘State of the Union’.(Great movie!) It shined a light on American politics and its corrupt relationship with big business. Recognizing that corruption has long been a part of the landscape, it made me wonder how far back it goes. Were our forefathers also in bed with big business? And, is it actually getting worse or are we just more aware of it with the advent of social media. At this point it seems the politicians don’t even care about the optics of their corruption. Thank you! Grateful for all of you and what you’re doing here!

GPT-4o & the inevitable AI integration to society

Open question for any and all BP members, have yall see this GPT-4o multimodal AI? Are you also genuinely afraid albeit amazed? I worry what this means for so many jobs while also being endlessly curious about what it could be capable of. Thank you, Michael

Why aren't more people criticizing christian fundamentalists?

I've been struggling with whether or not I'm being an asshole for being fed up with respecting people's rights to believe what they want. But evangelical beliefs are turning part of the world into a literal hell on earth, at what point does an ideology become perverse enough to become classified as outside the norms of acceptable society? It's not nazism, but it's not good that I find them easier to compare than a year ago.

"Corporate greed not to blame for price pressures, Fed study shows"

Hi guys, Wondering if you read this article that just came out regarding "greedflation." Seems like the SF FED says they don't think it played a major role in inflation. Aside from the throw away line of the FED being captured by big corporations (which seems to certainly be true) so this analysis is bias, do you guys have any rebuttal/ proof in the opposite direction you can discuss? You guys have brought this up a solid amount, so certainly think it is worth addressing. Thanks! Source:


After hearing Charlamagnes take on crooks, coward or couch; Where do you seeing the election going if Diddy came back out with his Vote or die ads?