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Territorial dispute vs. battle of values?

Big fan since Rising, been a subscriber from the start. Keep up the good work. I was wondering if you could reconcile some conflicting feelings I have about the Gaza war? While I do think that Israel is being heavy handed with their “national defense”, I also think that supporting the only modern democratic nation in the area could be a good thing. I’m an atheist and think that the ideologies and worldviews on each side of this war differ greatly, and that modern day moderate or ex-Muslims need to speak up when it comes to how the tenants of the Islamic faith are involved in so many conflicts around the world. I’m not a bigot or a racist, but I think beliefs matter in how cultures conduct themselves. Your thoughts? Thanks.

What about the Truckers in Gaza?

I've been wondering for awhile now about the truckers who have been waiting for months to get their aid into the Gaza strip - where are they staying? Aren't they in danger there? What is it like for them? Has there been any coverage of their experience?

John Spencer Analysis

What are Krystal and Saagars thoughts/ analysis on John Spencer? I feel very conflicted when these military veterans come out and try to get us to justify/ rationalize a genocide. The worst part is they keep saying the reason Israel is different is because we are all anti-Semitic. It is crazy and I know BP can make sense of this if possible.

Why the lack of research on RK/GME?

Let me start by saying I love the show, been a subscriber since day one, and I only write this because I have the highest standards for your show, which you continually meet. That being said, I was pretty disappointed with the Gamestop segment and lack of critical thinking in your coverage. I'd challenge the following contradictions in your coverage: (1) Gill posted on a Sunday night and the stock had ballooned before opening Monday; a period that retail traders don't have access to... how could this price action be driven by Gill and his "following"? (2) GME volume was 187 million on Monday with average volume being less than 7 million for months before that. Even if half of half the volume was GME purchases by retail that's $18,700,000 (assuming $40/share). How does that type of discretionary capital coexist with the dire state of the economy that the show reguarly highlights? (3) Under the assumption "the market is rigged" and given the pervasive corruption in corporate America (wall street included) why be dismissive of this event instead of asking deeper questions? The original run up could have been explained away by being the first time and GME not being in the popular zeitgeist at the time, but does it pass your smell test that a popular online figure can post one meme and cause the wealthiest and most powerful economic players in the world to lose billions of dollars after they've already been burned just a few years ago? This is an AMA, so my question would be: given the positions above, do you think there's more to this story than you covered on Tuesday?

Trump presidency under dem controlled senate

Hi wanted to get both your thoughts on the potential trump presidency and the democrats having a majority in the senate and maybe in the house. What do you think those 4 years would look like? Thanks love the show