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Interview with Incumbent Challenger for Congress

Thank you for all you do at Breaking Points! It is refreshing to have found a political show that understands how important civil debate and discussions are to our democracy. I'm proud to support your efforts! As a born and raised NOVA resident, my U.S. congressional representative has largely been unchallenged for 16 years. The incumbent finally has a challenger in the Democratic primary, Ahsan Nasar. As Ahsan is running on a more populist platform, including immediate ceasefire in Gaza, affordable housing, domestic spending over foreign aid, etc., would Breaking Points or Counter Points have time to schedule an interview with him before the primary election in June? Thanks! Tammy

When will Ryan come to Portland, OR to promote "The Squad"

I'm a Ryan G stan, sorry to say. When will you be coming through Portland OR to talk about your book? We've got the biggest independent bookstore in the country, you just went on an unhinged rant about local politics (JK, I appreciated it), when are you coming through dude! You can stay at my house, I've got shroomies

Modern Gaming

I was talking to my 10 yo niece and she was telling me about how she spent my X-mas gift money on Roblox. I remember in my youth spending money to buy a Nintendo game and then mastering it by playing it often and adapting to the bad guys' attacks. Now it seems like more games are free, but allow you to spend money to gain an advantage. Is it a good idea to teach this level of capitalism to our youth and know that those that own capital win while your effort and ability to adapt hold very low value in the grand scheme of things?

The 3 musketeers in Biden administration that govern the USA

College campus, key members of Biden resigning, the rise of death toll and the continuation of arming the genocide in israel, what is there left to do for an everday citizen to do to either shed light on the matter or have an impact to stop it? with the recent episode where found that 3 members of the biden administration are responsible to keep the israel policy going, are those ppl who govern the USA?

Response to 9/11

Hi guys, big fan of the show! This is just a question out of pure curiosity: I’ve heard you guys say that the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan was what led you to politics, being anti-establishment, etc. I wanted to know: what do you guys think would’ve been the right response the U.S should’ve done post 9/11 without invading Iraq, Afghanistan.