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Third Party Debate?

Could you guys host a debate or a one on one with Jill Stein and Cornel West? Love your show!

Premium member

As a premium member, why don’t I get the show the evening before? Thank you for all you do!

Charting a Career in Journalism

For those of us still trying to chart our career paths, do you have any suggestions on how to get into the field of journalism today? I'm worried of spending thousands of dollars at university to get what I understand to be an incomplete, if not outright biased education. All that to likely get captured by the corporate system doesn't seem desirable. Is there another way?

Harrison Butker

As a huge nfl fan, I keep seeing people commenting on the Harrison Butker college commencement speech. In short, he spoke about a variety of religious and cultural grievances he had with America, with the main one being women’s role in the workplace. Personally, I think a venue like that is a strange place to air out your opinions, and I disagree with much of what he said. I would love to hear both of your opinions on the matter.

Harrison Butker

Wondering why you guys didn’t discuss Harrison Butker’s commencement speech? I was really hoping to hear you guys rip him to shreds on Thursday’s episode!