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Top 5 must reads?

You both are so knowledgeable on history both related to the US and World events. I’m not well read on some of the most critical historical events and conflicts. Do you each have a few books that you consider must reads?

‘Losing mental faculties’ instead of ‘Old.’

Hi S&K. I am one of the youngest baby boomers in America. Personally I don’t give a rip when friends call me ‘old.’ It’s hard earned age; not for wusses. But there are some people who’ve been around the sun many times who are sensitive to hearing it. When you put Biden down just because he’s 80-something, by association you may be inadvertently putting down others of that age who are still sharp as tacks. I wish you would call him out for being feeble, infirm, forgetful, etc., instead of referring to age. Not all old people are so incapable as the president. Other than that (and the ‘whenever’s’) Saeger, keep up the good work!

New Website Layout?

What was the impetus for the new "Subscriber_v2" website design? It seems like the new AMA doesn't allow us to view and vote on questions asked. It's been very obvious that the AMA has become an outlet for your viewers to try to pitch stories and influence coverage. I've often wondered how you feel about this, and I asked about it once in the AMA, but I think it got drowned out. Are you reconsidering the AMA? Is there maybe another way you could give people a forum to pitch stories for coverage, without getting rid of the AMA? Is it broken? Are you getting tired of it? I can absolutely see how the AMA could become a chore to pick through and answer every week, especially with the volume of submissions that are just people venting or pitching ideas (I'm guilty of doing that too).

Aid to Gaza

Hey Krystal and Saagar. I love your show. Been loving your debates as well ( your personal ones as well as the ones hosted by counterpoints ). I am curious if the United States is directly involved in giving Aid to the Palestinian people or is it always through a third party. It seems bonkers that the US first provides weapons to the one side and then comes with aid on the other side. WTF???

Content not found on the BreakingPoints site?

I feel this is a dumb question or perhaps I missed an announcement. Is there a reason why some content only seems to be on Youtube? I love just pulling up the next video here as my one-stop-shop for great news reporting, but recently I have noticed more segments which are not published here and are only on Youtube like "Ozempic Expert: 'Next Opioid Crisis?'" "Meet the Ex-Marine Running to Replace Joe Manchin in West Virginia" so am I missing them somewhere? If these segments didn't get their own video link, they would be included toward the end of a regular daily episode or be bundled together and hosted here, like this one "4/12/24: Would Boeing Murder A Whistleblower, Ticketmaster Criminal Conspiracy". It's not a deal breaker, I just keep missing segments I am interested in because I'm no longer checking Youtube since subscribing with BreakingPoints. (which has perhaps provided the most value of any other subscription of mine, so great job!)