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not getting emails with links

Are you not sending emails with links anymore? so is supercast no longer being used?

No full show links.

Haven’t been getting my full shows via e-mail this last week. Something might be up.

Shilling for the Credit Card Companies?

One of the things I have learned most from watching independent media is how much of the corporate media is bought and paid for by big corporations. I was reading an article this morning included in an email newsletter that I subscribe to called Exec Sum (run by the "Litquidity" social media account) that stuck out to me from the CC Points website, The Points Guy. It seems like the message that they are trying to get across is, hey consumers- Congress is trying to take your credit card points away. But what the real story is, is that they are trying to pass a law banning mandatory 3% processing fees and allowing retailers to choose a competing service. I won't go too far in detailing the entire article, but I would recommend watching it for yourself. To the untrained eye it looks like some kind of massive government overstep is being attempted but to anyone who has taken the red pill, it is an almost comical attempt at corporate propaganda.

Bart Popowski. Puh-POW-ski

Hey guys, love the work you do. Thank you. Here's a highly speculative question: What would the composition of congress look like if we had a parliamentary system here.

Advanced Ancient Civilizations

I've been going down a Grahm Hancock rabbit hole for the past couple of months. We know Sagaar's stance on UAPs. How do you view the theory of lost advanced civilizations?