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Solutions to the Problems

Do you plan to use this shift to enable discussion on the solutions either you envision and may disagree on in a way that covering the daily news didn't allow?

Origin research

You two always do a fantastic job of covering stories/topics/events that is ignored by MSM. I’m assuming the new platform will give you much more of an opportunity to have open ended discussions, and am hoping you will explore some of the origin stories that explore past missteps that brought us to where we are today. Specifically, I think “Operation Paperclip” is a significant policy decision following WWII that very few in the general public understand or are even aware of. I hope you will do an in depth analysis that explains what that was, and how it could have shaped future bureaucratic institutions, decisions, trajectory of policy. Thank you both!!! Can’t wait for the first show!!! Josh Michael

Saagar Healthcare

Krystal/Saagar: You guys(along with Kyle Kulinski) are my daily news source and I love the content you guys put out. I've always wondered what Saagar's position on healthcare is? Does he have a response to Medicare for All or is he on board with it?

How long have you been planning this?

When did you guys first begin putting this together? I became suspicious when Emily did a radar on Rising. Your days off the past few weeks began to feel like transitions.

Where's the merch?

I know you two are just getting things off the ground with Breaking Points, but I'm hoping you have some plans to offer some great branded merchandise... I have always coveted your giant coffee mugs, so make that a priority! Congrats on the new endeavor!