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Political Commentary 101

What is your advice for the "art" of political commentary? I feel stuck on developing my political commentary and was wondering if you two had any recommendations on how to build commentator skills? (other than watching good political commentary like Breaking Points of course)

How do we watch the first behind the scenes video?

Congrats, this is a great move!

Pandemic profit

I hope you are going to talk about the way private interest has led the pandemic global policies, starting with the Private biggest donors to the WHO, then big pharma and the way big techs and MSM has controlled the narratives. Love you both!

10 Year Forecast

What are you both most excited about and most fearful about playing out over the next 10-20 years or so?

Boomer Bashing

When Saagar does his daily Boomer Bashing, does he have in mind only the white Boomers or the Boomers of color as well? The white Boomers who drove the cultural revolution of the sixties, the black Boomers who fueled the sixties drive to equal rights, the Native American Boomers who fought for first nation rights in the US and all of the other countless Boomers who tried to make a difference? Perhaps a re-think could be in order!