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Why do midterms always swing power to the previous minority party?

Like clockwork, every two years it seems the parties swap majority power in the house, why? Has this cycle broken in recent American history? If so, what were the causalities? Looking forward, what could democrats do to hold power through the midterms? Thanks.

First Time Long Time

Do you think that if Democrats pass the Bernie budget bill exactly as written then they might be able to hold on to their majority or do you think them losing the house is inevitable?


Dear Saagar, You mentioned throughout various shows the places you many lived. What countries have you lived, What made you move so many times, and how has living abroad formed your view of America?

Renter assistance

Will the federal government do anything about the fact States are not getting the renter relief aid to residents. I know in my State of South Carolina I applied months ago and never heard back until July 31st and since then my request has been transferred to four different agencies with me having to supply the small booklet of information required over and over again. Is there any hope that renters like me will actually receive the help we need or will it just be another pass the buck problem?

Liberal need to be Authoritarian

Hey guys, you have been talking a lot about how Liberals have downright started to become Authoritarian in wanting to refuse medical care for unvaxed and such. As someone who is pushing 30, to me it makes sense that this stems from whenever we would question our parents or any authority figure, we were frequently met with the answer, “Because I said so” or some variation. This starts the domino effect causing the mainstream(minority really) media to promote this thinking. My question to you, is how do you think show this generation an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind? Thank you guys, love the show so much.