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Right to Repair

Would you guys be willing to cover the Right to Repair movement? Louis Rossman is starting to gain traction on the topic and a shout out from you guys would go a long way for an important topic.

Good news segment?

While I love the format and insight you two provide I just thought it might be nice to end on a small or big piece of good news youve heard. we need more exposure to things that inspire us and give us faith in humans. Just a thought. Keep fighting the good fight.

January 6 incarceration furthering radicalisation?

Following up on the discussion about the sentencing of Paul Hodgkins, and the failure of mass incarceration in general; I began to think of how many more people will receive similar and more severe prison sentences for their part in January 6th. While I don't want to downplay the significance of that day, I don't believe the vast majority of the people who entered the Capitol that day had premeditated their actions. Is it possible that " making an example of " non-violent and disenfranchised citizens, who clearly felt their government had already failed them, leave prison with a profound chip on their shoulder? Could they become further radicalised in the process, creating the inverse effect, and a greater risk of real domestic terrorism in the future?

How do you both stay healthy and vibrant?

This question is for both of you but particularly for you Krystal, as a mama of 3, how do you maintain your health? I'm a full time nurse with a 17month old toddler at home and find it super challenging to eat well, exercise, practice mindfulness, keep my hair looking anything but repulsive, and yet still be at the top of my game at work. You both seem to exude so much vitality and strength, wondering if you could share any lifestyle habits you both practice in order to stay in tip top shape for the show? Thanks for everything you do :)

What are the barries preventing young people from running for office?

The amount of politicians old enough to be the Pope that currently hold a position in public office is astounding and I personally think its one of the main reasons for the current "death spiral" of the US. Since both of you have been "living and breathing" DC for a while now, what do you think is the reason for this? What's preventing younger folk for having a shot at getting a foot in the door? On the same lines, what would you suggest to a person in their late 20s, with no political connections whatsoever, to start doing if they were interested in running for Congress?