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How can ordinary people fight the War Against the Culture War?

I have felt for a long time that the Culture War is the biggest threat to our country and democracy in general - which is why I was so happy to find your show. How can ordinary people best participate in the effort to “make people hate each other less and hate the corrupt ruling class more” (other than by subscribing to content like Breaking Points)? Should we all be trying to get jobs in media and government where we can help from the “inside,” or are there more realistic points of access? It feels lame to be tweeting and subscribing my way into alignment with a cause I really believe in.

Wedding Shout Out

Hi Krystal and Saagar! My fiancé, Vince and I are huge fans of Breaking Points. Rather than ask a question, I would love to surprise him with a shout out from the two of you for our wedding this weekend. We’ve been engaged since 2019 so this is our long awaited, delayed celebration. Thanks and god bless!

Beau Biden Effect

Was Joe Biden able to finally withdraw the troops from Afghanistan thanks in part to his son's military service? Even though Beau served in Iraq; Biden was still able to see the effect these perpetually aim shifting wars were causing soldiers (maybe the burn pits aided to Beau's brain cancer?). He said back during one of his VP debates Joe said he didn't want anymore parents to have to send their sons/daughters in the future either in the event the wars were ended poorly. I can believe Joe and Beau had some kind of deathbed wish for the wars to end. Well, he finally got the ability to enact those two promises. Maybe finally having a president with adjacent modern military experience/exposure was a good thing.

Mainstream news coverage of Afghanistan pull out.

During a recent broadcast you guys suggested that the news agencies benefit from a ongoing military engagement in Afghanistan. Please explain what is the relationship between the military industrial complex and mainstream news.

Will China learn from history regarding Afghanistan?

In the past 150 years, Britain, Russia, and the US all occupied Afghanistan, with disastrous results for all three countries. If China, looking at the trillions of dollars of rare minerals there, tries to invade in the near future, will the same happen to them? Will China go in?