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What do you consider the current greatest barriers to the New Left and New Right?

Power to declare war

When will Congress take back the power and responsibility to declare war? Do our actions in countries such as Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan constitute crimes against humanity?

Will China learn from history regarding Afghanistan?

In the past 150 years, Britain, Russia, and the US all occupied Afghanistan, with disastrous results for all three countries. If China, looking at the trillions of dollars of rare minerals there, tries to invade in the near future, will the same happen to them? Will China go in?

State of the Union

I’m wondering how you two continue to have a somewhat positive view of the world and America and believe that honestly a single politician cares about regular people after all the corruption that has been unearthed in both parties, all the terrifying scandals that have plagued basically every major government or even American institution including the FBI, WHO, CIA, CDC, NIH, NSA, big Pharma, big tech…etc. I’ve seen you dig up information that at least circumstantially damns politicians and businessmen and is very straightforward and it ends up doing nothing to them. Scandals are not widely known but actively pushed down by the media. All I see is a burning Hell of lies. Why do you act like any of these people act in good faith literally ever. Krystal is always pushing back against nihilism but I don’t see what light at the end of the tunnel you are seeing?


Can I get reimbursed from my annual subscription? My subscription renewed in June. Sincerely, John Orr