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Overcoming Vaccine Objections Diplomatically

It seems like a lot of folks want to just yell at each other because "science" tells them this or that. While I personally am for the vaccine, I totally understand why folks are skeptical of the vaccines. How do we get those skeptics to feel better about the vaccine AND how do we stop calling them "ANTI-VAX IDIOTS" and such. The finger pointing is doing MORE to alienate and divide than unify.

On a lighter note....curious as to where do you turn for entertainment, books, movies, netflix?

This question came up for me during a recent segment where Saagar shared that during his trip to France, he explored the fields of battle from WWI.

Class-Centric News

The chasm of difference between your coverage and cable news coverage of the withdrawal from Afghanistan blew my mind. And Something occurred to me that I thought I should ask. Is news media class-centric? By that, I mean, does cable news only cater to the upper-class perspective on things? I feel like the upper class is happy to continue the war in Afghanistan mainly because of A. They financially benefit from it the most, and B. None of their kids are ever there doing the fighting and the dying. Your coverage exposed how tilted the news media is. A bunch of billionaires paying a bunch of millionaires to convey a message that only ever bolsters the upper class in this country. Thank you for what you do!

Obesity in America

Do you think we take obesity seriously enough in the US? If not, what strategies would be most effective in reversing this path of ever-increasing obesity rates?

What music do you listen to?

The Pearl Jam discussion - Saagar not understanding why anyone that could afford to hire them would do so - makes me curious, who would fit that bill for you?