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Progressive policy ratings

Why are progressives so spineless and when are they going to realize that their policies are widely popular amongst voters? It's not progressives fault dems didn't have a "blue wave". It's because people don't believe government can work for them and because of the media painting people as "socialists", when they don't even fall under the definition or practice of socialism. Bernie was popular for a reason and progressives need to realize that. Lean into class issues and don't act like a turd and people won't dislike you. Some people love the policy, but hate the politician and thus won't vote for you. This isn't a question, I just got angry at progressive politicians you've had on, which was my fuel for subscribing because you actually hold them accountable and I hope they realize people want their policies and do whatever it takes to get it done. Love you guys, end rant.❤

The Fourth Branch

Krystal and Saagar, I grew in the days of the Fairness Doctrine and a more reliable form of reporting. I was young, certainly, but it seemed we had more faith in our media. How can we get back to a point where journalism returns to being the Fourth Branch, and keeping checks and balances on our establishment?

Sincere legislators

Can you identify any Reps. or Senators who sincerely would like to solve problems with WORKABLE solutions, regardless of political fallout from their respective parties?

"Pointers" vs. "Breakers" Group Nickname

Regarding the "Pointers" vs. "Breakers" group nickname discussion: "Pointers", by definition, means "helpful pieces of advice or information" - suggestions for improvement. That's what this movement (let's consider ourselves to be a movement!) is all about. (BTW, "Breakers" is also some rich old-time oligarch's mansion in Newport! Just sayin'...)

The effect of inflation on the rich

I've enjoyed hearing your thoughts on inflation. For the working class inflation means higher costs in day to day life but how do the rich think about inflation?