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US Military vs China AI development

Just wanted to make you two aware, if you weren't already, about this article. Love the show!

Oliver North

Saager, what really happened to Oliver North. And do you feel like the country hung him out as an escape goat? On a personal note, you and Crystal need to keep kicking ass and taking names!! And then tell us all about what they did!! Lol

Changing up the substitutions, when one of you are out

Have you considered having Kyle sub in for Krystal and Marshall sub in for Saagar, or similar substitutions? While I like the way substitutions have worked, so far, I think the dynamics would be interesting if the people subbing in were more aligned with the person being temporarily replaced.

Is the US an alien continent?

Greetings from Switzerland… Being a European, I observe the US economy, healthcare and political system with a deep sense of unbelief and a tad of horror. How is it possible that a nation that prides itself as being built on Christian values allows (turn a blind eye on) such shocking levels of homelessness, poverty and disease? I understand all you say week after week about the corruption of the Washington political class, but how long until the people revolt and demand their basic Human Rights? Love the show and the dynamics between the two of you… Gino

Did New York State Lie about Vaccine Mandate?

USA Today reported on October 12 that although 55,000 more New York health care workers got the vaccine prior to the vaccine mandate deadline, 35,600 were suspended for refusing to get vaccinated. Doesn't this point to almost 1/3 of unvaccinated health care workers choosing to be fired, rather than get vaccinated? Either I didn't hear earlier reporting correctly or New York bent the statistics. The health care system is on its knees, due to staffing shortages in many parts of the US. New York needs these workers. We negotiate with Wall Street and foreign powers. Isn't there some way that New York could negotiate with these workers rather than suspend them. Isn't there some way they could give us their desperately needed skills without compromising the health of their patients and residents.? A few weeks ago these people were hard-working heroes. Are they now the "bad guys" because of personal convictions? By the way, I was vaccinated and vaccinated early! Love your podcasts!!!!