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Biden’s impact on Delta Variant Spread

A while ago while you both were still on Rising, you talked about how Biden’s inability to wave patent protections on vaccine production could result in a variant making its way to the US from another country and extending the pandemic. What are your thoughts on this and are we now past the point of eliminating Covid altogether?

Great work guys!

Thanks for the work you are doing. Please cover the shift back to COVID restrictions. What the data to support both positions? Why masks for vaxed? What is the authority of representatives to inform our behavior without laws at local levels? I’d honestly appreciate a facts/data appraisal of what should be done.


Hey guys. With so much distrust in the news media, I was wondering which media sources you guys get your news from, and who you think is the most reliable. Keep up the good work!

Name for the Fanbase

Does there yet exist a name for the fanbase of the show? If not, I'd like to suggest "lemonbreakers", because much of the spirit of the show is finding constructive ways to move forward within the current American government-media hellscape, making lemonade out of these lemons modern American life has thrown us. And one makes this lemonade by breaking the lemons and adding some ice krystals and some saagar, er, sugar.

Live Show?

Do y'all ever plan on streaming the show live? It would make a great addition to my morning routine!