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Some surprising people at Biden events

Are people showing up at Biden events that surprise you? Are they possible replacements for current Biden appointees?

Nancy Pelosi and Tax Reform

Nancy Pelosi and her husband made millions by trading on stocks. The tax reform included in BBB will not impact her in a major way because she got rid of the step-up in basis provision and changes to estate tax. She in fact gave herself a nice tax break by increasing the SALT cap. How can we trust her motives when so much of her personal money is involved? she would have lost many millions if she had included the above-mentioned reforms.

When will you stop demonising Ivermectin and bring on a Doctor with an objective view

Tonnes of anecdotal data on why we should all be taking IVM prophylactically. Your reporting on this is laced with opinion pieces and show a lack of integrity. I was so angry when I heard Krystal call it “fucking horse dewormer”. Why not bring on Dr Chris Martenson or Dr Pierre Kory? My physisian prescribed it and I count two more in my group that agree with the data. It works to stop replication of the Virus. Yet I now have to go to the Black Market because the CDC have told all Pharmacists to not prescribe 🤷🏽‍♀️ Or if you are going to cite the hit pieces/fraudulant reports why not list some of the 100s of anectodatal/observational studies Remdisivir kills and yet past Emergency Use? $3200 a bottle. IVM how much? I came to you, like most Joe Rogan fans because we thought you had integrity. Please know when you are wrong and at least admit you don’t know something and at least give the pretense of objectivity. Or just dont talk about the topic.

Older listener(64)

I have been sharing Youtube shorts of your shows to my boomer friends. I want you to know its a good thing. You relate truth and truth has no generation gap. Dont blink kids... ;)

peter daszak taxpayer funded experiments on bats

Why is all the focus on Fauci and not on Peter Daszak who was creating these heinous and dangerous experiments on bats with our money? And then making up that ridiculous fable about the origin of covid and lying to the UN? what kind of man is this mad scientist? Fauci is to blame for pouring our taxpayer money on this man's dangerous projects.