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Older listener(64)

I have been sharing Youtube shorts of your shows to my boomer friends. I want you to know its a good thing. You relate truth and truth has no generation gap. Dont blink kids... ;)

peter daszak taxpayer funded experiments on bats

Why is all the focus on Fauci and not on Peter Daszak who was creating these heinous and dangerous experiments on bats with our money? And then making up that ridiculous fable about the origin of covid and lying to the UN? what kind of man is this mad scientist? Fauci is to blame for pouring our taxpayer money on this man's dangerous projects.

Authoritarian Moral Highground

It seems like many leftwing activists big media outlets use the 'Moral Highground' as a vessel to justify passing any legislation they deem necessary in the pursuit of their version of progress, and also to socially demonizing individuals/groups on social media. This seems like the beginnings of an authoritarian style of governing. Is the democratic party, and more specifically the further left activism, hypocritical by identifying the right as an authoritarian enemy while justifying similar authoritarianism under the guise/justification of the 'Moral Highgound' of anti-bigotry? You two are the absolute best, A concerned left-centrist

Best country to live in

If either of you were to choose another country to live in, which would it be and why? Thank you. Barbara Kraler

The huge amount of gas and oil consumed by the military

Our military burns a huge amount of gas and oil on an annual basis. Aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, cruisers, subs, fighter jets, bombers, helicopters, tanks, and untold thousands of support ships and military vehicles use, according to the internet, 4.6 billion gallons of gas annually and over 100 million barrels of oil annually. (And that's just our military.) Oil is a finite resource, and in reality the military wastes an enormous amount of it based on fear of communists, terrorists, and immigrants. The only people who benefit from weapons of war are the manufacturers, investors, and politicians who sell out to the military industrial complex. But when the day comes when there remains only enough gas left to fill up automobile gas tanks or battleship gas tanks, guess who will get the gas? (By the way, it's the taxpayers who foot the bill.)