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Are you going to ask Jimmy to be on the show?

Krystal Ball for president

Well Krystal...when will you run for President...and provide the sense of vision, the strength of leadership, and the integrity that this country so desperately needs . I can't imagine anyone more qualified than you.

Independent journalists

Will you try much harder to support independent journalists like Jimmy Dore, even if you don't personally like their style?

Bully pulpit

It seems like on the show it’s always mentioned that the president should use his popularity to push his agenda. Given the current culture wars and the approval ratings of presidents etc. is this even possible?

When are the adults going to come back?

I was listening to the last Joe Rogan Podcast and he was interviewing Jocko Willink and Jocko made a great point saying what we are seeing in the media and politics right now in leadership is a bunch of kids trying to take care of the house while their parents are gone and eventually the adults are going to come home and have to come clean things up. When are the "adults" like true journalists in the media and more shows like Breaking Points and rational people in government going to return? I feel like I am taking crazy pills daily listening to the right and left say the dumbest shit.