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Do Democrats even want to win?

Hi Krystal and Saagar, I love your show! With so much tension between the Democrats’ funders and their base, and with many office holders wanting to appease the funders and secure a lucrative future for themselves, do you think at least some of them would rather be in the minority so that they have an excuse for not delivering much of anything to their base? Thanks, Richard


Hello, Saagar and Kystal. I love your show. Here is my question: how can a person spot CRT principles within the classroom (curriculum, etc)? I will be a social studies teacher so I want to know how can I find CRT principles because I do not really see CRT in the school system. Thank y’all for your great political commentary. —Grant Page

Foreign vs Domestic news sources

Your show is good, My question is that I noticed you use U.S. domestic new sources when referencing stories you are talking about. I like watching foreign news because they are better than U.S. corporate news in actually reporting the news. I have not seen you reference any foreign news sources. Are there any foreign news sources that you like or trust, and would you reference them if it provided good info? Richard Doherty - Houston, TX.

Are you going to ask Jimmy to be on the show?

Krystal Ball for president

Well Krystal...when will you run for President...and provide the sense of vision, the strength of leadership, and the integrity that this country so desperately needs . I can't imagine anyone more qualified than you.