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The Dems only hope in 2024

I am a lifelong Democrat in Texas, and I see John Fetterman as the only hope of the party winning the presidency in 2024, whether he wins a Senate seat in '22 or not. What do you all think of his appeal and chances? Thank you, Guffie Robinson

Maxwell Trial

Could Breaking Points interview or do "dailies" with someone covering the Maxwell trial. I would like to hear why they're prosecuting Maxwell for the more recent crimes.

Can I volunteer or apply as an intern for Breaking Points?

To whom it may concern, I have a cover letter and resume specifically to work for Breaking Points already drafted. I believe in this show and it has opened up my world. I am eager to learn if there are any opportunities to work as an intern for or volunteer for Breaking Points as a researcher/analyst/ anything ? Stephanie Wood, Juris Doctor, The John Marshall Law School, and super fan of BP Stephanie Wood,

What if Trump

If Trump had been reelected in 2020 how would things be different today (other than the circus that is Trump)?

A personal question

Did you guys cry when you saw that your audience came in full force supporting Breaking Points?