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Medical care prioritization

Hi guys, just saw this tweet from a JAWeeksSiman - “I am filled with grief & anger. The unvaxxed can make that choice, but their choice shouldn’t impact my life. My dad just died this a.m. because he spent 15 days trying to get a bed in a hospital w/specialization he needed. No vax? No medical care.“ I know it’s a tough call to make, to say vaccinated people have priority of medical care over the unvaxxed, but this kind of situation seems to warrant such a decision.

This is two questions. Do you think a free speech based social media company will 1) be attempted and 2) be successful?

Now when I say free speech I don't necessarily mean absolute free speech. Obviously there are some extreme opinions which should probably be censored. But commenting on the news, sharing a different political opinion, or even something as simple as allowing people to dislike a video seems like common sense, something youtube has abandoned recently. I would love a mainstream alternative that offers what youtube used to provide in its early days. The problem I have is that I've experienced websites that allowed this kind of censorship to take over and nothing was ever changed. People were content to be censored. People just accepted the limited subject matter that was provided and didn't want to fight for more. Keep in mind these were right wing people, who you'd think would be against censorship in this day and age.. Do you think its possible for a free speech focused company to survive and thrive in this day and age?

Blind Spots

First time listener, Long time caller here Question for both you - How do you both navigate around your political blind spots? Are you aware of said blindspots? and if so, are you willing to talk about it here? Love starting my day with you guys - Casey from Nashville, Day 1 Subscriber

Show Cadence

Krystal and Sagar, I love your show! Thank you for helping to restore some sanity into our political conversation. My question is why did you select the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday show cadence? Are these the days when the most tends to happen in Washington, or is there a different reason? Keep up the great work! Ben from Maryland

COVID and the hospital crisis

I don't know what is happening in D.C., but here in Colorado the unvaxxed have and continue to cause a crisis for our healthcare system - particularly hospitals which are short of beds and staff. ( However, whenever I hear either of you disparage COVID mitigation efforts, you never mention this. Sure, I'm vaxxed and boosted and I'm not going to get really sick or die, but that is a self-centered point of view. The unvaxxed are costing society - and particularly our healthcare system - horribly. All because it is "their choice" and we shouldn't shame or coerce them. When are you going to address the stress that the unvaxxed are placing on our hospitals and healthcare workers?