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Twitter CEO

Hey Guys! Brand new sub here and love your guys stance on media. Been listening for free for awhile now but wanted to try out the premium subscription? Anyways, my question is what do you guys think about Jack Dorsey stepping down from CEO of Twitter? Think maybe there is some external forces pushing him to step down unlike he says? Keep up the awesome work!!!

Political Industry

Krystal and Saagar, I am a US Marine, and study US history (as well as human history) extensively. I run a very small computer company (less than 10 people) located just north of Philadelphia. I think of myself as an American that wants America to work toward living up to its ideologies. I also feel that America is off of these rails. Our current political system has major issues, as you guys are both very well aware. The media plays narratives, not news. Most of us in the silent majority are sick of watching these things play out. We're sick of choosing between the lesser of two evils for our president. And of legislators that spend their entire lives in politics, instead of to serve the nation, which, of course, inevitably leads to serving themselves, and not the core of what the nation is intended to be. They wave the flag, and then become corrupted by systems that are older than they are, in many cases. This paper, put together by two very intelligent folks that see the issues (one is more liberal and the other more conservative, similar to the two of you) has fantastic ideas. If we can get this knowledge out there, the wave that we are all trying to create to get our country back on track can become reality. It is going to be a lot of work, and I'm totally in. Thank you both for taking the leap away from a mainstream media outlet to get into this endeavor. There are many of us out here that have your back. Thank you so much. Jamie

Metaverse - Boom or Bust?

What are you guys hearing in your circles re Facebook and the Metaverse nonsense? Are people actually excited about it? I've personally been off social media for over a year now, best thing I ever did (I still watch YouTube, but no more FB, Instagram, etc). I'm 39, most of my friends have disengaged with social media completely and aren't going to hop back in with Meta, nor will they want their kids to engage. I know Zucker and Co are banking on getting the eyeballs of the TikTok audience but from what I hear, the response is pretty terrible. That being said, my circle thinks the same as I do re the poison of social media, thus I'm in an echo chamber, so I'm curious if you're hearing anything positive and people actually looking forward to it. Thanks for all you do!

Is NPR worthless at this point ?

NPR seems make every story about race and equity but doesn't address the underlying economic issues. For example they are pretty much the only people that use the term LatinX. They seem to be doing nothing but reinforcing the positive self image educated elites have of themselves. CNN are clowns but NPR might be more destructive to the national narrative.

Stock price reaction on news

Not really a question, but you guys (love the show btw) should have a standing point on how news effects stock prices. For example, raytheon stock dropped after Trump’s announcement on deal with Taliban and US on withdrawal. Pfizer jumped this morning (nov 30), don’t know what time his interview was. Maybe stockprice jumps in for example defence industry for no apparent reason is a signal someone knows something we don’t. Who makes tomahawk and hellfire missiles? A sudden rise, shit’s about to go down. Keep up the the good work!