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Stickers & Swag

Hey Love your show! Thanks for cutting through the BS! AND collegial arguments. The BP stickers on your laptops are rad. I want one. Mug too! Koozie? Interested in your book and current affairs/publications reading list. Cheers John

1099K Taxable Income Threshold From $20,000 / Year to $600 starting 2022 for online sales

Were you all aware that starting in 2022, for online sales like Ebay, Etsy, etc.... the taxable threshold (for payment processors to submit a 1099K to the government) is dropping from $20,000 / year to only $600? This was included in the American Rescue Plan back in early Spring this year. Basically the government is coming after basic garage sale or yard sale income at this point from people just trying to make a few extra bucks. This seems insane to me that they are chasing pennies from people making $600 (or more) per year in online sales while they let the big multi million or billion tax cheats get away with their own scams. I'd love to hear your take on this and thanks for the wonderful show. Long time fan from your early years on The Hill.

Natural Immunity

Why is the CDC downplaying natural immunity. The recent study out of Kentucky compared people with history of positive Covid who did or did not get vaccine. Then promoting this as vaccine beats natural immunity. Why can’t we acknowledge natural immunity?

Happy Birthday Krystal!!!

Happy Birthday! Your 40's are better than your 30's!!!! Thank you and keep doing what you are doing!!!

Best Podcast Ever

Hey Krystal & Saagar - first off, absolutely love the show and haven't missed one since you launched Breaking Points. I think that every single person could benefit from listening to just one of your shows. As a bi-partisan show, you both tend to agree on A LOT of topics (which I love) but might just differ on how you ultimately get to the end result. Question - are there any topics (or one single topic) you don't see eye to eye on at all? If so, what advice do you have for the viewers on how to combat difference in opinions? Thanks so much!