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How About Info on Changing America

It's helpful to receive info on how the powers that be lie to and manipulate us. But what good does it do this country to only hear about the constant graft and BS? As a past lobbyist for an NGO, I'm really surprised that nearly everyone I know has no idea how to apply pressure to lawmakers to act in the public interest. There is already a chance you alienate potential subscribers by covering the news you do, so why don't you flip that trend? Together you guys can pick a proposed law weekly, advise on its status, and help your listeners understand what we can do to help move it on. You have a captive audience of subscribers who don't want to preserve the status quo. As a group, we could begin to understand we don't just have to just take it. If people like what you advise them, it isn't that different from listening to your opinions now except we can try to do something about it.

Is there an app

Is there an app that I can download to breaking point

Avoiding Pigeonhole of Conspiracy Theorist

When you present someone with a non-corporately endorsed explanation of current or historical events, how do you explain to them (in an effort to win their trust) how often the American public has been boldly lied to (USS Maine, Lusitania, Gulf of Tonkin, WMD, etc.) without the individual using those cited examples against you?


Why is their no video for the Spotify broadcast?

Proper Omicron information