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Dave Rubin

On one show you guys joked about not going "full Dave Rubin". I've only recently started to get irritated with his takes so could you please elaborate on this comment?

Free speech vs private ownership

Hi! Love the show. Appreciated your coverage on Tuesday of Twitter’s new CEO and the impact he may have on free speech on that platform. I have been concerned about the free speech issue on all platforms since we started seeing more censorship after “Russiagate” and Covid. How do you guys think private ownership plays into this? All these platforms are owned privately. Is YouTube or Twitter not allowing certain content any different than a newspaper or magazine controlling their content prior to the existence of the internet?

Boomers vs Saagar's Uninformed Boomers

This comment/advice is for Saagar. I am an informed boomer. Evidenced by the fact that I support and listen to your program. I mingle with other boomers, all of the same stripe. My children are Millenials and Gen Zers and all their friends like to hang with us to discuss politics, social and environmental issues, etc. I detect a dislike in Saagar's reference to boomers but historically included in this generation are some of the greatest trailblazers for social justice, environmental sustainability and overall push for progressive and populist politics. There are of course those leading this nation who I don't agree with but sometimes I don't agree with Saagar's politics. However, I do not denigrate him or turn him off. Here's my solution to your boomer "problem." When referring to those boomers you dislike, call them "uninformed boomers." Much like the way you had to reprogram your brain to go from "radar" to "monologue," try to correct yourself about boomerism. A lot of us would appreciate it.

If I had a million dollars.

What would you guys do for Breaking points if you had millions of dollars given to you with no strings attached?

Adding some positivity

Love you guys and everything you're doing with the show, my only issue is that the truth hurts and most of the news you guys cover just leaves me feeling kind of shitty and angry at the establishment (which it should). What if you guys added a short positive news segment at the end of each episode which could highlight something good that is being done to counteract the establishment or just good for society in general. Thanks! <3