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Military Budget Post Afganistan Withdrawl

It had been reported that we were spending 300 M per day in Afghanistan. By my math that would be 110 Billion per year, and the military budget is roughly 750 Billion. Has there been any follow up questions by the media as to where that money is going now? Did the military budget get reduced by 15% or is it just being reallocated? Thanks for your awesome show! Big fan Joe

Amy Cooper follow up

Hey Sager. Great show but you mentioned Amy Cooper today. I would suggest you listen to the Amy Cooper episode on Honestly with Bari Weiss - August 3rd 'The Real Story of The Central Park Karen' There is a compelling argument that believe it or not, Amy is not the horrible person the video portrays based on where the video starts and ends. The individual involved did not press chargers, IMO based on the full truth coming out and the full conversation being exposed. Judge for yourself but it appears there are actually 2 sides to this story...

Creative Process for Each Show

Hey guys- Absolutely love what you're doing with the show, which quickly became by number one spot for news and analysis! I'm curious what goes into writing, researching and developing each show? For instance, when do you write your monologues and how long do you usually spend on each one? I can imagine plenty of interesting ideas and news stories hit the cutting room floor.


Awesome work. Can’t always watch it all. Any chance of getting a 20 minute headline show to accompany your in-depth analysis?

A real budget?

Love the show, thanks for all you both do. When was the last time Congress passed a real budget instead of this continuous parade of CRs? Any chance we will see a real budget passed before 2024?