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22 Years Old | Fatherhood | Barstool vs. MAGA

Love the show! I just graduated college back in May, and your show given me a stronger perspective on politics and American society. For Saagar: If you could tell you 22 year old self anything, what would it be? For Krystal: My number 1 goal is to be a great dad, what is the most important lesson your kids have taught you? For you both: Could Barstool Conservatism outweigh Trump and MAGA? If internet personality Dave Portnoy actually ran for president like he has floated in the past, and was running against Trump, could Portnoy win?

Talking most doing least

I appreciate on your show you don't go over the gossip like the "news" commentator networks do when it comes to infighting and going over people's Twitter beefs and craving for their respective parties Daddy's attention. While they sometimes can be entertaining, they're not news. In Congress who do you think for each party is talking the most while doing the absolute least?

Does the COVID shot for young kids make sense?

I have a young child in the 5 to 11 year age range and I know recently emergency use of the COVID vaccine has been approved. I have seen conflicting information and I was hoping you could provide your view point on this topic. Here are a couple points. Everything I have seen/heard is COVID for kids in this age range is not that serious. Influenza is more serious for kids than COVID. True? I've heard kids do not transmit COVID to others as much as adults. Based on the fact the risk of severe symptoms, hospitalization, and death is very low for kids why is the vaccine for kids necessary? I'd love for you to cover this topic. Many thanks!

Military Budget Post Afganistan Withdrawl

It had been reported that we were spending 300 M per day in Afghanistan. By my math that would be 110 Billion per year, and the military budget is roughly 750 Billion. Has there been any follow up questions by the media as to where that money is going now? Did the military budget get reduced by 15% or is it just being reallocated? Thanks for your awesome show! Big fan Joe

Amy Cooper follow up

Hey Sager. Great show but you mentioned Amy Cooper today. I would suggest you listen to the Amy Cooper episode on Honestly with Bari Weiss - August 3rd 'The Real Story of The Central Park Karen' There is a compelling argument that believe it or not, Amy is not the horrible person the video portrays based on where the video starts and ends. The individual involved did not press chargers, IMO based on the full truth coming out and the full conversation being exposed. Judge for yourself but it appears there are actually 2 sides to this story...