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Unseating Corporate Ds

Good morning from Washington State! What ideas or advice do you have for unseating Corporate D Senators in a solidly blue state? Both Cantwell and Murray give lip service to populist policies, but as you know, at least Cantwell mostly works for Bezos. Love the show! Chris

COVID Endgame

Hello, proud premium subscriber here. Thank you for all that you do. My question is this: Let's say magically everyone got fully vaccinated. It's still not going to stop the virus or new variants. What is the end game here?

Latest Debt ceiling deal

Hi, Why do you think Republicans made a debt ceiling deal so quickly this time? Do you think there an elevated concern on both sides that the market could be crashed soon and no one wants the blame?

Container Flipping

I've seen reports that much of the supply chain inflation can be tied to Hedge Funds now flipping shipping containers. As in, they buy the rights to fill them now but then resell on the market at a higher cost...with out adding ANYTHING to the chain of course or using the containers themselves. Have you seen any reports along those lines?


Hi, me and a friend of mine who started a YouTube channel a year ago, are looking at starting to do merch. Like you, we want to have merch that 100% made in America, but it’s been difficult finding a provider that will print custom shirts, and not just plain shirts made here for sale. If you could tell me who you get your T-shirt’s and such through, it would be amazingly appreciated. Either way, thank you so much and absolutely love the content :).