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How do you push a vaccine when everybody lied?

Why would anyone be expected to take vaccine that derived from liars? Also it had a 6 month lifespan or did it?, It has a booster requirement or does it?.... And people are still testing positive that’s a fact... and leave the kids alone, damn. But great job you guys

January 6 incarceration furthering radicalisation?

Following up on the discussion about the sentencing of Paul Hodgkins, and the failure of mass incarceration in general; I began to think of how many more people will receive similar and more severe prison sentences for their part in January 6th. While I don't want to downplay the significance of that day, I don't believe the vast majority of the people who entered the Capitol that day had premeditated their actions. Is it possible that " making an example of " non-violent and disenfranchised citizens, who clearly felt their government had already failed them, leave prison with a profound chip on their shoulder? Could they become further radicalised in the process, creating the inverse effect, and a greater risk of real domestic terrorism in the future?

Good news segment?

While I love the format and insight you two provide I just thought it might be nice to end on a small or big piece of good news youve heard. we need more exposure to things that inspire us and give us faith in humans. Just a thought. Keep fighting the good fight.

Student Loan Forgiveness

What are the odds of $10k of federal student loans being forgiven? It's interesting to me that Chuck Schumer has joined the progressives on this one and is on Twitter pushing it hard and consistently. If you had to bet - will the pressure amount to anything? Saagar, how do you feel about student loan forgiveness in general?

Do you plan to do any original reporting?

I love seeing you guys interview journalists who are doing original reporting in stories the media doesn't cover eg. the eviction moratorium. Do you guys plan to do anything similar?