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Why is the UFO discussion important?

Why is it important for the government to be transparent about what it knows about UFOs? I'm for transparency, but what are the possible reasons for the government to keep most of this info hidden for the last several decades, and could any of these reasons be legitimate?

Are Democrats doing enough to fight climate change? And why?

Why no carbon taxes yet? Last I knew, Democrats were pushing natural gas as if it was clean like wind or solar. Plus I hear wind power infrastructure doesn't last long, and needs to be rebuilt often? And will electric cars even help fight climate change? Some say the fossil fuels used to mine and transport the minerals used in batteries offset the low emissions of electric vehicles. Others point to environmentally damaging mining practices, as a reason why electric cars are not the answer.

The Future of Conservatism

Saagar, I found your monologue on the future of conservatism really fascinating the other day. As interesting as it is to point out the rise of Grill-Dad/Barstool conservatives, I'm curious what you think of the future of the religious right in this conversation. I find it hard to think about the trajectory of conservatism without any reference to the religious factors that have shaped it over the last 50ish years. Love the new show, and I'm proud to support you guys! Ben


I love the premise of your show about how we should hate each other less and the elites more. However, I'm sometimes a bit confused about what the term means. What defines an elite? Is it a person with a certain position of power, or is it just anyone who has a certain amount of money and certain ideological viewpoints? I, myself, am an 18 year old who lives in Marin, a very wealthy county in California. Would I be considered an elite? Am I part of the problem this show is trying to address. I am a huge supporter of medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage, and most economic populist policies, but I still can't shake the feeling that I am part of the problem. What do you guys think? Keep up the good work!

Old School Liberalism

This one's for Saagar. I was noticing with interest the books behind you. In fact I went out and bought the Robert Kennedy bio by Schlesinger and the Freedom From Fear history book. I was wondering (even though you identify as a man of the Right) if you felt any affinity for the older New Deal/Great Society liberal tradition, before the center became corrupted by neo-liberalism?