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Railway Unions

Krystal I was wondering if you have heard of the Attendance policy that the BNSF Railway (Berkshire Hathaway) is trying to enforce with their Railway workers? Many Railway workers and BNSF employees are on call 24/7 with very limited days off. This new policy will violate many collective bargaining agreements and may result in a STRIKE.

News' goal is to make you angry - what's better?

The news media has a strategy to make tou angry to keep you coming back. This is one part of what's breaking the American country. What's a better way to structure news organizations so they aren't incentivized to spread fear and anger? What can Breaking Points do to stand above that?

UFCW7 strike; Colorado

Not a question as much as a request to bring to light the destructive nature of concessions as they relate to contract negotiations. Kings Soopers, subsidiary of Kroger, is proud to announce their contributions regarding pay increases, very few mention the concession, or contract clauses that effectively weaken the union or reduce benefits for workers; two tier system etc. LOVE YOU GUYS and all you do!! Matt

Filibuster reform

When it comes to filibuster reform, why is there never a discussion about going back to actually debating over a proposed piece of legislation? This was what senators had to do before when they filibustered, now they do nothing. I would think if senators actually had to do any work or take time off from fundraising, they would be less inclined to filibuster.

The Rock, 2024?

Far fetched? Maybe. But the word has been circulating and there could be value in choosing someone who actually wants to be known as the people's president than someone running to enrich themselves and their friends.