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About Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar (Premium)

Krystal and Saagar need your help to further expand the Breaking Points universe and deliver the best 2024 coverage bar none. 

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are ripping us apart and making millions of dollars doing it. We don't have soulless billionaires or corporations backing our high end TV production, but we do have YOU. We took a big risk going independent and we need your help to add do it even better.

Already premium subscribers have enabled Breaking Points to be the only 100% independent top political podcast in the US and expand coverage like CounterPoints with Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky. Your hard earned money will be put towards further expanding the show, adding Breaking Points partners, and giving the country something it needs so desperately in what is going to be a CRAZY election

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PREMIUM EARLY DROP: Krystal and Saagar Interview Joe Rogan!
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6/2/23: Major Breakthrough in Air Energy, Feinstein Confused In Senate, Vacation Prices Skyrocket, The View Defends Kamala World Salad, Joe Rogan Laughs At Rainbow Truck Outrage, Beyond The Headlines Scientific Consensus w/ James Li
6/1/23: Debt Deal Passes W/ No Conservative Support, Biden Votes Doubt Him For 2024, DeSantis Rips Trump As Failure On Covid, Ukraine Attacks On Russia, Car Dealers Hate EV Plan, Anti Woke Mind Virus, Author of 'Pandora's Gamble'
5/31/23: Critical Debt Vote Today, Conservatives Threaten McCarthy Ouster, China and US Pilots Near Miss, Secret Abortion Poll, Millennial Misery Ignored, Ted Cruz Defends LGBTQ, James Comey Defends FBI, Pentagon Slush Funds
5/30/23: DeSantis Trashes Republican Debt Ceiling, TX Attorney General Ken Paxton Impeached, LA Real Estate Collapse, Wall Street Weeps Over Biden-Trump, MSNBC Smears Marianne As Spoiler, Homeowners Uninsurable, Men Flee College
5/29/23: Republicans Humiliated In Debt Ceiling, DeSantis Trashes Trump On Ben Shapiro, Lawyer Caught Using ChatGPT, Jobs Flee Big Cities, CNN Admits Bidens "Horrible Numbers", History of AAPI, DeSantis Elon Corrupt Bromance
5/28/23 AMA: Pat McAfee on ESPN, Educating Young Leftists, Ozempic, Intro Music, RFK Jr.'s Skinny Ties
+ 579 more episodes

Ask Me Anything with Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar (Premium)


What people are saying

Let me just tell you how happy I am that you two are independent….You two together and your show is one of the most important things out there.

- Joe Rogan

You guys are such a breath of fresh air. I love the discussions between you two. The fact that you call it as you see is awesome with no favorites right or left.

- Steven S

My right leaning boyfriend and I have so much to agree on now - THANK YOU. Have you saved us thousands on therapy? We shall see!!

- Sara

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