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Liberal need to be Authoritarian

Hey guys, you have been talking a lot about how Liberals have downright started to become Authoritarian in wanting to refuse medical care for unvaxed and such. As someone who is pushing 30, to me it makes sense that this stems from whenever we would question our parents or any authority figure, we were frequently met with the answer, “Because I said so” or some variation. This starts the domino effect causing the mainstream(minority really) media to promote this thinking. My question to you, is how do you think show this generation an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind? Thank you guys, love the show so much.


I'm a teacher. What do I need to know about the current state of public education?

Medicare for All and Vaccines/Public Health

Do you think extending Medicare for every U.S. citizen would help combat vaccine hesitancy and help rebuild trust in public health departments? I would think if people did not feel like they were "on their own" if there were any complications from the vaccines, they may be more inclined to consider taking the shot. It also seems very odd to me that there has been so little talk about changes to our health care system during a global pandemic. If it can't be discussed now, when? Absolutely love the show. Thank you for all that you do to bring this incredible product to us every week!

Premium Member Receiving Ads in YT Feed

I'm a Premium Member, and I periodically get fed Ads by YouTube in my Premium feed... Especially if I pause the feed for an extended period. This is only periodic, not consistent, but it is bothersome in something I pay to get Ad-free! Can this be fixed?? Thank you, Allan

Spotify issues

Everyday I have to go to supercast and then click on Spotify for my premium to work. Why can’t it just unlock for good. Just a bit of a hassle because I mainly listen to it while I’m driving