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Widespread rape allegations

Krystal. I have just listened to the newest episode of the podcast “Honestly” about the supposed wealth of evidence to support hamas’ use of rape during October 7th. I am a daily listener of BP I am also a daily reader of The Free Press and as such I am having a very difficult time reconciling the chasm that exists between the POV expressed in these two publications. Since I trust both sources to provide me with an accurate picture I am curious on your thoughts? I am aware that Bari has a very biased view of the conflict. Thanks! Keep up the great work

Thomas Sowell

Hi Saagar. I’ve recently been watching listening to Thomas Sowell. Just wondering if you have any thoughts or opinions on his ideas. Thanks!

Do either of you know who Jon Soltz' is? he is the commander of a military unit a friend of mine is in. I did a little research and he is apparently going to spread 45 million around to help Joe Biden win. Could this amount of money sway the election?

Project 2025

Is there a serious approach to the Heritage Foundation determined to kill any intellectual and social sanity we have left?

Losing sight of your mission- for cause?

I’m a premium subscriber. I’ve been for a few years. You have been not only refreshing but invaluable by the way you’ve demonstrated proper discourse. Recently, I have grown disheartened on the direction and editorial slant of most if not all BP episodes. I have to give Krystal amazing credit for her foresight being one of the first voices of the terrible atrocities Netanyahu and the IDF were committing, Of which, I did not agree with her or see initially. Even when it was very unpopular to do so on the morning of October 8, Krystal has been on it from the start. However, at this point, the show has become so far removed from its journalistic intent, and has leaked into the noise of the common…… political persuasion. It’s very obvious how passionate Krystal is. I do not fault her for her views and am mostly swayed by her arguments. And I’m waaaaaay more a Saagar guy. However, it’s destroyed the attraction I had to the show and what brought me to it. She is justified and I understand her using this platform to make people aware as she did with me. But, it has also ruined the purity that I found so refreshing in the early days of BP. It has become a platform and not a source. After hearing today’s debate, I’m sure this argument or sentiment is circling amongst the staff. Krystal’s passion is laudable and commendable. I just fear that it’s eroding the attraction breaking points has with so many of us. The monologues are now throughout the entire show instead of the end of the show. Especially on the topic of Israel. Does genocide require sacrificing the initial intent and attraction of BP……. Perhaps. Im just sad that it’s happened. Thank you so much for what you do. I only write because I feel you are so incredibly important in this moment.