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Let them eat cake

Have you guys seen tallgirl6324 on tick tock? I hope you guys can get her on your show! Thank you love the show!


A young American-Jew by the name of Simone Zimmerman is featured in this documenaty film about new generation of American Jews seeing the wrongs that Israel is done and the lies they've been told their entire lives . Would this be someone that you feel that you would like to have on the show?

Kennedy/Ball 2024

Howdy BP team, I was wondering what it would take for Krystal to agree to run as RFK’s VP. I think y’all overlap on common sense gun/abortion/cannabis initiatives. You both are anti-establishment, anti-corruption, and pro populism. Also, I think you would balance him out on Israel and vaccines. I believe y’all could bring back a booming and United America. What do y’all think? Who would be y’all’s ideal VP for him? Thank you infinitely for everything this entire team does. Kelsy


Big fan of the show and always appreciate the nuance. Enjoyed the NVIDIA segment, but surprised Nancy Pelosi’s trading wasn’t mentioned. Wondering if this trading ties back to older stories about Congressional Insider Trading. I actually learned about NVIDIA via Unusual Whales where I saw she has made $1.9 million in the last 100 days with her portfolio up 90% over the last 12 months. Curious to hear your take on this, as well as the sudden resurgence of Bitcoin. Thanks again!

Alabama IVF case

I don't agree with the court, but if this is "law" in Alabama, shouldn't the perpetrator be charged with multiple counts of murder? Even if the murder wasn't premeditated, he should be prosecuted for B&E, robbery, attempted kidnapping, etc.