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Saagar - WWI

A big fan and a bigger Thank You to both of you for your chance taking and courage to push into the depths... Saagar - you mentioned that you are very into reading about WWI right now. For someone like me, who has read more about WWII and the Civil War, what would be your 2 "must reads" for this often forgotten / diminished / unsexy / little brother event in our world's history. John

Political Apathy

Hey guys! Long time listener and proud premium subscriber! As I type this, news has broken that Dems have floated cutting paid family leave to appease corporatists like Manchin and Sinema. As someone who has campaigned in years past to help push progressive policies/candidates, how can leftists fight back against the “do nothing” attitude of the Washington establishment without getting burned out and “throwing in the towel?”

Phthalates, Parabens, Chemicals oh my!

re: Krystal's Snake Oil monologue and your recent q&a on both of your supplement routines, can you guys do some reporting on the misinformation surrounding phthalates and parabens, maybe BPA in our consumer goods? MSM seems to feed into fear mongering marketing done by the likes of GOOP and "chemical free" brands and there isn't enough easily available info on if these things are actually harmful. Thank you love you! May I suggest The Eco Well or Lab Muffin Beauty as possible sources or collaborators... Thank you again! !!

McAuliffe, Abrams, and “Stop The Steal” Rhetoric

Of course, GA Governor race was a mess. Of course there was a crazy conflict of interest on Kemp’s part. But in a race that McAuliffe wants to make as anti-Trump as possible, didn’t he just pull pull something from Trump’s own playbook by personally making this comment? And then the fact that it’s CNN reporting this… Surely I’m missing something here. Help me make sense of all of this.

Saagar, a conservative?

Hello Saagar, would love to hear from you directly on where you fall politically? I hear many reference you as a conservative, what do you say and can you give some examples of where that is true? Thank you, love the show.