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No video on Spotify

I'm a frustrated new premium subscriber and I've tried everything I can think of to get the video working on Spotify, whether by phone, tablet or computer: nada. So, Saagar, when you announce each episode that we can now watch on Spotify: not necessarily true, judging by the others posting the same question / frustration.

Spotify premium link For breaking points

I linked my spotify to my breaking points premium but I'm still not getting the video what can I do about this

Need help

I linked my Spotify account but still can't access the premium content, I am a subscriber btw. Any suggestions?

Spotify video = can’t see

I linked my premium subscription to my Spotify account but I am not getting the video feed.

Spotify Video Feed

Could you guys please clarify. I don’t see a link anywhere for the Spotify Video feed. Seems like other people are equally confused. Thanks.