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I just signed up for a yearly membership but all I get is audio episodes?

I just signed up for a yearly membership hoping to hear the extended takes of the Tucker-Putin interview. I'm a bit disappointed that I only have access to audio through Spotify but no video like I've been accustomed to through your free youtube channel. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Paid for a year of premium Breaking Points and 90% of the time my video does not work

How do I talk to live person at the company that took my money so willingly, but make it impossible to talk to someone. I'm tired of watching it on you tube after just spent an hour trying to get the video to work on Spotify, what a waste of my money and time

Need help with subscription.

I’m not getting email notifications of the podcast except for Thursdays. I thought it would self correct but it hasn’t. What email address can I contact to get this fixed. Sorry for taking up space in AMA, just needed assistance. Keep up the great work.


Can I get reimbursed from my annual subscription? My subscription renewed in June. Sincerely, John Orr

Merchandise charge

I am not sure where to correctly post this question. But, I just noticed an $80 charge for merchandise to Krystal and Saagar. I have never purchased from you. I am a monthly doner, but that card is not to be used for anything else, definitely not for merchandise I never ordered, approved, received or want. Please reverse this charge on my card. Contact me for further information. Thanks, Joan