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Identifying as Left/Right

How do you two grapple with the idea of being a left or right political thinker when populist ideas are so overlapping?

CO-OPs VS Unions

How can cooperatives be more advantageous than unions? And what are the differences?

Is a general strike inevitable?

Considering that countries such as Columbia and Israel have recently begun general strikes, do you think the United States would be next in line to do the same, and how would you recommend we go about it? Thanks and love you guys!

How can I help effectuate change?

I want to run for office. Local, state, federal, whatever. I want your support. I want your guidance. I want to be independent from the two parties. Please help people like me learn how to make the moves to help make the changes. How do we start?

Should Freedom of Speech Equal Freedom of Reach?

Should freedom of speech equal freedom of reach... Why or why not? IMO... that FB, Twitter, etc. have banned Trump doesn't silence Trump, he can still speak freely. Our social platforms have no duty to immediately publish to millions of people (anyone's) lies and/or misinformation nor must they treat equally all held positions (such as the Earth is flat). Perfect gate-keepers may not be possible but that doesn't mean there is wisdom in having no gate-keepers at all.