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Identifying as Left/Right

How do you two grapple with the idea of being a left or right political thinker when populist ideas are so overlapping?

Mark Cuban Cost Plus CEO

Hi there, Alex here, CEO of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. Saw your piece on us. Let me know if you want to chat!

CO-OPs VS Unions

How can cooperatives be more advantageous than unions? And what are the differences?

Spotify video = can’t see

I linked my premium subscription to my Spotify account but I am not getting the video feed.

Lily Loncar

Great show Krystal and Saager. I've followed you both when you were still on "The Rising." So happy when you broke out on your own. I've been paying $10 per month since shortly after you created 'Breaking Points' but I don't have a log in to watch the show uninterrupted. Being a boomer, I'm still a bit of a techno-peasant. Can you send me instructions on how I can watch the show? Thanks,. Keep up the good work.