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America's Health & COVID-19

First, this is the best $10 a month I think I have ever spent. Keep up the great work! My question is, and it may be an obvious one, aside from politicizing a global pandemic, how much do you think America's overall health (nutrition & other poor health choices) played a role in how hard we were hit by COVID-19?

Medicare for All and Vaccines/Public Health

Do you think extending Medicare for every U.S. citizen would help combat vaccine hesitancy and help rebuild trust in public health departments? I would think if people did not feel like they were "on their own" if there were any complications from the vaccines, they may be more inclined to consider taking the shot. It also seems very odd to me that there has been so little talk about changes to our health care system during a global pandemic. If it can't be discussed now, when? Absolutely love the show. Thank you for all that you do to bring this incredible product to us every week!

What are the barries preventing young people from running for office?

The amount of politicians old enough to be the Pope that currently hold a position in public office is astounding and I personally think its one of the main reasons for the current "death spiral" of the US. Since both of you have been "living and breathing" DC for a while now, what do you think is the reason for this? What's preventing younger folk for having a shot at getting a foot in the door? On the same lines, what would you suggest to a person in their late 20s, with no political connections whatsoever, to start doing if they were interested in running for Congress?

Advice for Young Journalists

I am a young journalist trying to find a way into the industry. I graduated about a year ago right when the pandemic started and I have had a tough time navigating my way into the industry. I understand experience goes a long way and having just graduated from college, I do not have a whole lot. However, I recognize how untrustworthy, unreliable and the outright lies our mainstream media has pushed the past few years. I do not want to be a cog in the machine that constantly adds to our collective outrage. I wanted to ask some simple advice. I do understand things take time, one must work their way through the weeds and be patient. Nevertheless, I find myself not getting anywhere time and again. maybe you two might have some sound advice that could spur some ideas for a young journalist to get started.

Deep State

I am not entirely clear on what the Deep State is all about. Can you discuss this?