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Political Theatre?

Krystal and Saagar you've given us insight into your Harry Potter thoughts after Saagar dropped his youthful fondness for the series and now Saagar, you've dropped that you were a theatre-kid when you were in school. What kind of plays/musicals did you perform in and what are some that you have enjoyed then or now? Krystal, would love your thoughts on the theatre scene as well! If you could be so bold as to give a few bars of a favorite musical I'm sure that singing political commentators would go viral out on YT and the like :)

Krystals impersonation of Jake Tapper and Joe Biden.

I know this will have absolutely no impact on you or that you even care. Democrats are Democrats. I will be cancelling my membership today. . Now to Krystals , I wanna be like Brian Stelter, " I do not know what CNN you are watching but I always tell the truth". Close quote, the idea is there. OR Jake Tapper or Cuomo when talking about Wiki Leaks DNC emails. It is illegal for you to read the emails on Wiki Leaks but it is not for us so we will read them for YOU. Or Mika Brazinski , Scarburoughs fourth or fifth wife. = "It is our job to tell you what to think". Morning Joe NOW Krystal - " I watched this . insult, insult, insult, move so you do not have to.". FROM YOUR COMMENTS SECTION; Katie P | less than 5 seconds ago Krystal - your sacrifice of $30 and more importantly the time that you'll never get back is greatly appreciated - way to take one for the team! " Justin S | May 12 If nothing else, I am totally and completely in love with you guys, because you made me avoid what sounds like the cringiest piece of crap film that has ever existed. " Full Stop end quote. SUCCESS !! Rachel Maddow is crying with pride right now. Krystal, you did not watch the movie. IYou Lied and just did a Joe Biden and Plagurized someone elses work. 1. 50,000 thousand Mules - Krystal I know you are not stupid so you are deliberately lying. The math was written out on the screen. He also said each mule had to have visited atleast 5 NGO's and visit I think it was 10 boxes. A. The 50,000 would have been 2000 mules making 25 trips leaving four to five envelopes at each box. B. -- Why the rubber gloves so they did not leave finger prints. C. - Why did they take their photos in front of the boxes. etd. 2. GeoTracking - This is the one why I think you did not watch the movie and are just lying about watching it. All you are doing is Recycling other leftest talking points that DeNesh made sure he was extra clear on his process A. - January 6 - FBI is using GeoTracking to force Citizens into confessions with the threat of long prison terms. FBI has stated that GeoTracking shows the Middle aged and senior American Citizens. with NO Criminal History as being either 4 feet inside or 4 feet outside the capitol. B. -- CDC - It was Just Disclosed thru a FOIA request that the CDC was tracking over 1 million Americans to make sure they were Social Distancing. That would be within 6ft. Krystal, you did not watch the movie. IYou Lied and just did a Joe Biden and Plagurized someone elses work.

Can Breaking Points start a weekly news format highlighting basic global and national events?

Breaking Points is an excellent program, one that I listen to on a near daily basis to digest current events. I think it would be excellent to expand the program to include a segment designed to give viewers/listeners a weekly rundown of national and global news. The intent is not to dig deep but highlight the events that listener/watchers still have to find elsewhere. This gives members a more 'rapid fire' picture of global events. Examples could include: Typhoons in the pacific, tourism updates related to COVID, elections, deaths, etc. The mindset of the series would be more statistical and absent opinion. It would be nice to have a 10-20 minute rundown of events on a weekly or semi-weekly schedule. The cherry on top would be in also highlight events of each state, (or quadrant), of the US. I find it nearly impossible to find a trustworthy news source that just does the job News companies are supposed to do. Breaking Points dives deeper than any other platform. I just yearn to have a news source that can bring this integrity to reporting smaller events not needing deeper dives. Thank you for the show! I learn so much from your program and I appreciate the honest reporting. This type of journalism keeps me from becoming apathetic to the system.

Populist Libertarians

You both frequently decry the “libertarian” leanings of the DC elite, but I would describe that as corporatism/cronyism and not a genuine desire for free markets. Would you ever talk to populist libertarians like Dave Smith about your disagreements on the economy, markets, regulation, and the Fed? Think it might be an interesting conversation, but mostly an expansion of the populist umbrella. Love you guys

Netflix Three Mile Island series

Can you please give us a review segment of the Three Mile Island series and how do you reconcile that with your support for nuclear power ? What do you say to the issues that so called efficient and cleaner nuclear power takes ten years to build at a time when we don't have ten years to prevent runaway Climate Change ?