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Washington Gridlock

What steps, as a country, can we take to force our political leaders to focus on implementing policies aimed at fixing the myriad problems we face; instead of them continuing down the path of culture wars and dehumanizing one another?

Where do you see this show going?

What are your top goals for this show and where do you envision this show going? Short term and long term goals if any.

Foreign policy and longer segments

More foreign and longer segments to get into subject more deeply

You two are awesome!!

So glad to see that rather than missing your dialogue we will all get to enjoy even more content from the two of you. I'm thrilled to see you taking this plunge and I bet you're going to be surprised by how many of us stick with you. Keep up the excellent work!

So was it Palestine

It seems like a lot of this happened after Krystal and Saager called out Palestine.