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Post Infrastructure Bill or non-Bill

Good day and the very best of luck on your new content. Happy to become a yearly subscriber today. Will Pres. Biden's legislative efforts change if Republicans don't support the infrastructure legislation. I'll give him his due about trying to reach across the isle, but you need a good faith partner and he hasn't or won't be able to find one. Will his tone an tenor change?

Decriminalizing black market sectors

Would you support decriminalizing sex work, drug possession to hit the bottom line of the black market? (Cartels, Pimps, Gangs) Would you both support rehabilitation and healthcare for drug addicts and sex workers (healthcare)?


What do you think will be the fallout from the June report on UAPs?

Why are you hiding this behind a paywall?

Seems counter-productive for a show aimed at taking on the moneyed establishment

Battling the algorithm.

How do you plan on breaking through the algorithm at YouTube and continuing to grow your viewer base? Are you worried that you won’t be as visible as before or that YouTube may change your visibility if you express a viewpoint that they wish to suppress.